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Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes

Course Duration:
1 year online/distance - learning program with 2 days residential program in Cardiff / New Delhi.

Medical Graduates and allied healthcare professionals with special interest in Diabetes.

Course fee(For March Batch)

  1. £ 3780 can be paid in Installments
  2. £ 780 deposit within 2 weeks of acceptance on course
  3. £ 1000 by 1st March 2016
  4. £ 1000 by 1st June 2016
  5. £ 1000 by 1st September 2016

Course fee(For September Batch)

  1. £ 3780 can be paid in Installments
  2. £ 780 deposit within 2 weeks of acceptance on course
  3. £ 1000 1st September 2016
  4. £ 1000 1st December 2016
  5. £ 1000 1st March 2017

Course Content:
This postgraduate diploma in Diabetology is completed via the following 6 modules with each module conducted online for 6 weeks. Each student receives online supervision by an experienced and expert tutor. Tutors include Dr Marc Evans (Cardiff), Prof Tony Barnett (Birmingham), Prof David Owens (Cardiff) and Prof Larry Distiller (Johanesberg). Tutors typically login to the course daily or every other day to monitor and interact with students in their tutor group.

Module 1 - Principles of diabetes:- Types of diabetes, diagnosis of diabetes, metabolic syndrome

Module 2 - Approaches to care:- Motivational interviewing, Multidisciplinary team

Module 3 - Promoting self care:- Nutrition, exercise, obesity and weight management

Module 4 - Management of diabetes:- Therapies in diabetes including insulin and emerging treatments

Module 5 - Complications (microvascular complications):- Retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy

Module 6 - Complications (macrovascular complications):- Stroke, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and the diabetic foot

Admission Process
Step 1-Register your interest at diploma-msc.com (mandatory)
Step 2-Complete the online application form at southwales.ac.uk (mandatory)
Step 3-Include scanned copies of degree and other certificates to included proof of English
Step 4-The faculty will contact you once your application has been reviewed by the admissions tutor.
Step 5-You will be sent an invoice once you have been accepted onto the course.
Step 6-Enrollment details are sent via email approximately 3 weeks pre course start date for applicants who have paid their initial deposit

Course requirements:
This is an internationally recognized postgraduate diploma delivered by a leading UK University – University of South Wales. Thus, successful students are awarded the Diploma in Diabetic Medicine (DipDM) which they may use after their name. Following successful completion of the Diploma students may wish to continue study for the MSc.
Health professionals with a previous degree or equivalent are eligible to apply for admission to the course.
Proficiency in English is essential for Postgraduate study. The University of South Wales recognises the following English language qualifications:

  1. HSC (12th standard) English at 65% or above
  2. GCSE English at grade C
  3. IELTS 6.5
  4. TOEFL iBT 88

Complete program is online so PC and internet connection is essential

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