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We are poised on the cusp of a new millennium, with all the promise and possibility such a milestone implies. At New Delhi Healthcare Academy, our goal is to have an impact not only on the skills and knowledge which our students will carry in their jobs but also on their values, attitudes and character. We are committed to provide our students, with a transformational healthcare educational experience. Education is the most effective and powerful tool available to the new generation to face and conquer the time of challenge and adversity with broad spectrum wisdom.

At New Delhi Health Care Academy, our mission is to provide every student with competence and knowledge to look at the world - with courage, conviction and confidence. We are strongly determined and highly committed to provide our trainees with an evolved learning experience at higher levels.

Looking from this perspective, New Delhi Health Care Academy has been striving relentlessly to maintain its longstanding tradition of dynamic and latest Healthcare programs. Over the past few years, we have been working in varied directions that are yielding outstanding results. The tremendous advancement in the field of Medical technology has constantly proved to be a driving force in making our educational programs and teaching methodologies highly competitive and in tune with the times of tomorrow.

If you are determined to make a mark in the field of education and are giving a serious thought to your career options, here is an opportunity for you to explore New Delhi Health Care Academy and transform your dreams into reality. New Delhi Health Care Academy is all set to offer a blend of intellectual rigor, strong achievement motivation, sustained success and all the excitement and opportunity to face the real world challenges with panache. We have always given utmost respect and weightage to your valuable contributions and support in making the dissemination of education through New Delhi Health Care Academy, a big success.

Dr Anuradha Vashistha
Medical Director,
MBBS MS Obs & Gynae

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